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How To Work With Me

I work with a variety of clients in a variety of ways. From individual websites and small one-off projects to long-term retainers. I am happy to work within your budget in a way that benefits all.


I love working with agencies on either a per-project basis or a retainer basis. I love my agency partners! I enjoy the team aspect of working with the same group of project managers and clients and it allows me to stay in my creative genius.

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Many clients choose to bring me onto their team on a retainer basis. Each retainer fits the clients needs and allows consistency of design for their brand as well as access to a designer whenever they need. Average retainers range from 10 hours/mo. – 40 hours/mo. A retainer also gives clients a discounted rate without adding full-time staff.

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So, what if you just need a new website? I’m happy to help you bring your site to life. I will give you a quote based on exactly what you need. I will do my best to work within your budget.

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About Tara

Tara’s objective in life is to be inspired, passionate and have fun with whatever project she is working on! She has a passion for creativity, design, marketing, business, and inspiring others to be great.

With a web, marketing and design career that began more than 15 years ago, Tara has worked with many amazing companies and startups over the years. She ran her own marketing agency for 7 years before moving on to a few other exciting ventures. Her titles have included, web designer, Owner, Creative Director, Project Manager, Marketing Specialist, UX Designer, Life Coach, Writer and Artist.

While all of these titles developed a little more of her creative genius, Tara, now spends her time curating projects that inspire her. She travels as often as possible and writes in her spare time.

Other Services

Over many years of working with amazing folks, I've created quite a list of other resources to build just the right team for any project.

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